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Let’s create a clean, organized, space that you love. So you can focus on what's important in your life.

Aloha, I’m Kim!I'm not sure how you got here...Google or podcast? However your path, I'm so glad you are here.As a Certified Bronze Marie Kondo Consultant I virtually coach clients through an on-hands deep dive approach implementing Marie Kondo's KonMari Method® tidying up cluttered homes and offices transforming spaces to visually look and feel amazing. Guiding with my interior design mindset as you strengthen your joy checking skills creating awareness and intention de-cluttering your space. Which will calm your mind and naturally give clarity in your life. Positive ripple affects. And with that new found clarity, you may have some personal life goals you want to focus your time on. As a a Jay Shetty Certified Life Coach, we can take things to the next level and get you closer to attaining those goals.

Ready To Make The Most Of Your Space, Time, Belongings, And Life?

You’ve come to the right place.

How Can I Help YouAs A Certified KonMari Consultant And A Certified Jay Shetty Life Coach?

As a Certified KonMari Consultant, I will guide you, as you trust in the process, teaching you the method so you can then sustain control of your space long term using Marie Kondo’s KonMari Method®, as taught in her #1 New York Times bestselling book! As a Certified Jay Shetty Life Coach, I will support you on your personal journey as it continually evolves towards the life you are longing for, as taught in his book "Think Like a Monk"® also a #1 New York Times best selling book and host of the #1 Podcast On Purpose.


KonMari Is Not Minimalism

Minimalism advocates living with less; the KonMari Method® encourages living among items you truly cherish.

Jay Shetty is about having wisdom go viral

Training your mind for peace and purpose everyday.


When you work with me, I help you:

    Inspire change
    Make life simpler
    Create a calmer home or work space
    Attract good energy
    Transform your mental and emotional sense of wellbeing
    Enjoy the process, keeping things light with laughter as we share in moments together

My Services

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Complimentary Discovery Call

Curious about working with me and want to find out more and see if it's a fit? Please submit your info. and start from there.


Virtual Consultation Sessions

Highly productive and practical video conferencing sessions. I’ll walk you through exactly what you need to do to transform your space.



For those who need or prefer personalized in-person help, let's talk.  Note: I care about all clients and will wear a mask and provide my vaccination card. If you care about me and will do the same, then we can work in person!

And so, if you want to connect with a new friend in Hawaii, want to know the best beaches and places to eat when you visit Hawaii, don’t mind the time differences, and are ready for the changes you can't stop thinking about, I look forward to helping you!


Lychee Package

ONE3 hour virtual de-cluttering session


Build your "Spark Joy®" Musclewith a partner to keep you on track!


Mango Package

virtual life coaching sessions

coming soon

Create the life you have always wanted!


Pineapple Package

WANT THE WHOLE SHEBANGvirtual de-cluttering and life coaching

coming soon

Ready for tackling it all..LET'S DO THIS!


Hi there, I’m Kim Tottori!

I’m an island girl born and raised on Oahu and the Big Island; with a sprinkle of living in Mammoth Lakes, California and Sumner, Washington (don’t ask me to ski…LOL).
My husband is super patient and supportive keeping up with me and all my endeavors while running his practice, Tottori Orthodontics. We both enjoy in the fun of watching our two wonderful boys, soon to be 14 and 17 yrs old, grow and learn about life as we quietly chuckle when they are not looking.
In my free time, when I’m not helping my clients, I love horseback riding, if the chance ever arises, and photography. People call me a social butterfly as I love to hear peoples’ stories and experiences. Connecting with others always Sparks Joy® for me. I look forward to speaking with you!

Kind Words From Clients

I enjoyed experiencing the KonMari Method with Kim. She was very supportive and understanding as we went through my items to help decide what to keep and to help organize my home. Not only did my home become more decluttered I also felt transformed emotionally and physically. I felt lighter emotionally and physically… I lost about 20 pounds throughout the process.


The thought of cleaning out and organizing my home was terrifying and overwhelming and I was fighting the urge to not go through with it. Kim was able to take us through the process one step at a time and made it rather simple. I didn’t realize how much stuff I could do without and how little I actually needed. After we finished it felt like a weight was lifted and having a clean and uncluttered space gave me a sense of peace. Highly recommended!


I think we tend to accumulate a multitude of things as we go through life. They tend to pile up in your cabinets and closet, pantries, and garage of your residence. You always think one day I’ll get around to clearing and organizing… but it always seems to be a chore that is put off because other things happen in your life deemed more important of your time. I would like to thank Kim for introducing me to the KonMari Method of organizing my household. I was a bit anxious at first due to the fact that it seemed like an overwhelming chore… but the step by step method of sorting through and deciding what items you don’t really need and what items to keep because they spark joy in you is a revelation. It’s really amazing when you realize how much stuff you had accumulated that should have been trashed long ago. It is also a great feeling knowing that clothing, books or assorted household appliances and utensils that you no longer have use for can be donated to a good cause… and then see afterward how much space you have reclaimed. Thanks, Kim!


Thank you, Spark Joy with Aloha for an amazing first virtual session! You are awwweeeesome! Thank you for your patience, kindness, suggestions and recommended resources! And especially for your time... 8 hours of virtual guidance! You kept me accountable. If I were to do this by myself it would not have been successful! I would have found other things to do... procrastination! I am looking forward to our next session!